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RCCEF and Beijing ICS Law Firm Jointly Establish PPP Lab

April 18, 2014

On 17th April, RCCEF and Beijing ICS Law Firm jointly initiated the establishment of Central University of Finance and Economics Public-Private Partnership Laboratory (Hereinafter referred to as PPP Lab).  PPP Lab is the important practice of RCCEF to foster collaborative innovation with enterprises and public institutions as well as promote the transformation and application of research results.

Facing urbanization financing difficulty, unsustainable ‘Land Finance’ and massive government debt resulting from the local investment and financing, Public-Private Partnership (Hereinafter referred to as PPP) has been one of the most important alternative program of China future public goods. The application and promotion of PPP mode is regarded as ‘the important mean of supporting the new urbanization construction’, ‘the important measure of improving government public services’, ‘the inner requirement of establishing modern financial system’. However, PPP mode is now facing series problems from legal system, financing channels, supervision and capability etc. At the meantime, systematically summarizing the experience and lessons learned from the PPP mode in the existing investment and construction of infrastructure, realizing resources sharing and promoting PPP mode application in China is looming.


Under these circumstances, establishing a PPP research platform, connecting the PPP practice experience and theoretical results, promoting and fostering the development of PPP mode in China are the important objectives of PPP Lab. Lab experts committee members include professor Junsheng Li, the vice-precedent of Central University of Finance and Economics, professor Haitao Ma, the dean of School of Finance, professor Fuguo Cao from School of Law, professor Peiyong Gao, the dean of Research Institute of Financial and Economic Strategy from Academy of Social Sciences, Kang Jia, the director of Finance Division of Ministry of Finance and other well-known experts. The lab will first start the PPP project with editing the existing case studies.

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